Engineering and Consulting Services, Including Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) and Training:


As ADS-B becomes integrated into more and more ATC automation platforms and the demand for ADS-B transponders and its associated avionics grows geometrically, we understand that our clients face ever more complex choices in terms of either replacing, expanding, or repairing their current infrastructure and avionics. Providing the optimum solutions to design, test, certify and then deploy new ADS-B systems is a difficult challenge that can sometimes leave unique end-users such as avionics manufacturers, system developers other application interests feeling left behind.

We can help. Since ADS-B Technologies´talents and resources span our entire industry, we can offer our clients a broad range of solutions to their specific avionics and infrastructure needs:

Supplemental Type Certificates (AML STC's)

  • Proven Track Record With Avionics STC's
  • AML STC's (We've written some of the largest on record!)
  • Part 23, Part 25, Part 27 and Part 29
  • Technical writing; Installation Manuals and Pilot Operating Handbooks
  • Full Ground and Flight Test Services
  • In-house DER and DAR support
  • See our STC Page for a listing of our most recent AML STC's
From concept through installation and operation of ADS-B air and ground systems:

  • Ground Broadcast Transceiver Site design and construction
  • Aircraft Avionics
  • Cockpit Display Systems
  • Over the Horizon (space-based) ADS-B
  • Transceiver Point of Service Networks
  • Pilot, Maintenance and Flight Following Training
  • Data collection and analysis
ADS-B OEM support:
  • Ground and airborne testing
  • Avionics Certification and Integration
  • Supplemental Type Certificate Development
  • Documentation and Training
  • Market Surveys
Airborne Test and Evaluation
Special ADS-B projects
  • Flight Schools
  • UAS Applications, including Detect & Avoid
  • Law Enforcement
  • Maritime Patrol and EEZ Enforcement
  • MEDEVAC and Media Helicopter Flight Following

One of our STC's

ADS-B in UAV Command Van (South Korea)

ADS-B Cockpit Design (Japan)

ADS-B Ground Station (China)